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Good service good advice

Bob Connell
Reviewed Sep 2016
I had the 1st set of sails for the new boat supplied by DG/Rolly Tasker, 1st time the boat builder or I have used them.

They did a great job of tailoring the sails to meet our specific needs and provided great service in terms of measurement, fitting and sea trials and all at a very competitive price.

The quality of the sails was high and well cut for our purpose, they have provided good working service over the last 4 years and still set well and don't show excessive signs of wear for their age and level of use.

As a result have purchased some further sails to extend the wardrobe a code zero, yankee and 135% genoa.

Again all well made, cut nicely and set really well. Haven't used these much yet but experienced the same level of service and good advice on the sails that would meet our needs and again at a very competitive price.

Very happy with them, would use them again.
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Fast, reliable service at a reasonal price.

Reviewed Sep 2016
I am currently exploring the Australian coastline with my F-9AX Trimaran.

Derick from DG Marine has helped me replace the Main, Jib and Screecher, his advice has been invaluable. This is my second set of sails from Taskers, they also made the sails for my previous Trimaran, they are very well made, great price and the shipping and delivery has always been prompt and stress free.
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Responsive & Professional

Reviewed Sep 2016
I ordered a cruise laminate headsail for my Bavaria 409 yacht and was really impressed with the quality of customer service and product delivered. DG Marine was very responsive to all my requests for information and were really concerned to make sure I got a product I was happy with. I did a lot of research on different Australian and overseas sailmakers and are very happy with the value I got from my Rolly Tasker Sail
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Rolly Tasker sails three years on

John Peirce
Reviewed Sep 2016
We purchased a set of sails, main, genoa and staysail in 2013 from DG Marine for our Martz 46 Cruising Yacht, Esoterica, whilst sailing up the east coast of Australia. Since then we have sailed to Darwin, the Kimberley, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and are currently in Borneo. After 12,000 miles the sails still look great and perform well. We had the opportunity to visit the sail loft in Phuket - impressive space, and helpful staff!

John and Kerryn Peirce,

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Great Service for new sails

Reviewed May 2017
I bought a genoa headsail for my Court 650. Previously bought a new mainsail. Both sails are nicely made, set well, and were very competitively priced. Delivery was very prompt.
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