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Abysmal Experience

Reviewed Jan 2018
Cunningham Marine say on their website "We pride ourselves on customer service as our reputation means a great deal." In my experience they just don't live up to this slogan.

In fairness, they did attend to a couple of issues with my brand new boat, but then Ian Cunningham refused to answer phone calls and emails.

In my experience the leadership at Cunningham Marine inspires only a very lackluster performance and total lack of respect from its staff. This is evidenced by their total lack of attention to detail and staff who call the boss by his surname only when talking to customers.

I have called and emailed Ian Cunningham without response and called and texted Larry and Nick. When Nick finally answered his phone he was abusive. (They all promised to "look after me" in separate conversations - "If you have any problems at all just call me and I'll look after you.") When I said "How are you Nick" his reply was "Up the shit". He said "Every time you phone you expect us to drop everything and attend to your needs." He also said, "How come yours is the only boat which has these problems?" At the end of the call he promised to call me back. Instead of calling, he texted me with the message "We will help you in the new year..and tend to it then..will be in touch first week in January"

Guess what Cunningham Marine - it's now 25th January and unsurprisingly I am still waiting.

Cunningham Marine were OK when the dollars were flowing their way and once they were asked to deliver on their verbal promises to look after me, they just couldn't/wouldn't or refused to deliver.
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Would not recommend

Cassandra Larche
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Reviewed May 2017
Took our boat to Cunningham Marine to have an idling issue resolved. Took 3 attempts to have the issue fixed and when the boat came back to us there where scratches and gouges taken out of the hull from the boat obviously hitting something when it had been taken out for a test drive. The gouges had been horribly repaired with silcone which was still soft to touch. When we approached them about the issue we were told that they hadn't done it but to send pictures and they would get back to us IF there was anything they could do but that they doubted it was their staff as they have CCTV footage of the workshop so they don't believe their staff did the damage. End of story never heard back and they wont fix anything. When you take your vessel to a repairer you expect that it will come back in the same aesthetic condition that you brought it in not damaged. Poor form not taking responsibility for the damage you caused. Will certainly use a mobile marine mechanic from now on just so I can make sure my vessel is looked after.
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Gave me a great deal

Caillan Brennan
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Reviewed May 2017
I bought a boat from Cunningham Marine Centre 12 months ago. They gave me a great deal and I haven't had any problems. They were helpful and gave great advice for what I was after. Would definitely recommend.
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