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Made the stay almost fun!

Russ B
Reviewed Aug 2016
Situated within the Cullen Bay Marina precinct, and accessible via lock (call the dockmaster on Ch 11 or 0419 421 363 an hour before entry on the hour) is the fairly small Cullen Bay Slipway run by Jeff and Kaye on 08 89417544. The slipway is situated amongst restaurants, pubs, pizza outlet and chandlery at the slipway. They have a marine engineer on hand who can assist with repairs as well as labour for blasting, anti fouling, fibreglassing etc.

We were able to tie up on their wharf overnight for a haul out early the next morning. Live aboard is available with access to power, water and the marina showers and toilets. A full range of nautical items is available and then can order in what they do not stock.

Whilst it is never fun to have to be unexpectedly hauled out for repairs, the staff at Cullen Bay Slipway made the stay almost fun!
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