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Great service

Mark Ridsdale
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Feb 2017
I have a Parsun 6hp outboard on my tender. Parsun - don't laugh - I have heard all the suggestions.

I had trouble starting the motor - its great once it starts but...

Had three different mechanics fix the start problem - well they did for a couple of starts only.

I was getting very frustrated until I found Coomera Outboard.

I was at BoatWorks where the local tradies were reluctant to help apart from the jokes.

Coomera Outboard picked up the outboard ( I had no car) and fixed the start problem and gave it a clean up service - $50 later and I was happy not only with their attitude, service and cost but the outboard hasn't missed a beat since. Starting first time for the last 3 months and still good..

Highly recommend and they will get my business next time I am there to service the boat.
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