Classic Marine Trimming

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Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Oct 2017
We used this business to undertake a variety of jobs onboard our yacht

First we talked to 4 or 5 businesses about what we wanted and received quotes. This business was middle of the road in terms of cost. Our gut feeling was to use an outfit at Boatworks. We were swayed by other factors. Big mistake. Basically the advice we were given was at odds with what we wanted but they are the 'professionals' so we went with their advice. If they did 10 jobs we have issues with over half of them. As time went by the work became less professional and the attitude towards us worse. The whole deal was the business trying to make as much money with as little effort as possible. An example of their 'workmanship' was their inability to align the pattern in our saloon backrest cushions, top roll to bottom roll. A simple task for professionals one would think. Their attitude was nobody will see it in the saloon, and arent you just being a bit picky. Biggest mistake we have made since purchasing our yacht.
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