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"Great job indeed"

Penny Booker
Reviewed Nov 2017
They did a great job at a great price with great information on how I can take better care of my engine/gearbox, etc but unfortunately not all customers can be pleased due to some not listening to what they tell you wether its the pricing or how to take better care of your engine. They are just that little bit dearer cause you get more for your monies worth and they do the job right the first time.
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Helpful and reliable

Reviewed Oct 2017
Penny and the boys organised a service of the Diesel engine on our recent purchase of a sailing boat. Would highly recommend if you are passing Scarborough Marina and the engine needs service or repair that you give Booker Marine a go. Helpful, pleasant and keen to assist to give this engine a service and inspection prior to taking over custodianship. Pleasure to do business with, which is a nice surprise in this day and age. Thanks guys . Much appreciated.
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In regards to the cooment from Steve on Oct 2017

Penny Booker
Reviewed Apr 2019
You have the wrong company Steve. We don't trash people's boats and if we did we defianetly wouldn't still be here operating since 1978.
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poor workmanship. they trashed my interior

Reviewed Oct 2017
I asked them to replace and engine for me as the boat was for sale and my previous engine got salt water flooded (a friend did it accidentaly while i was overseas). They did the job and i was informed later that the solid wood floors were gouged and oily handprints covered the cushions and walls. I was overcharged for the privilage. Steer clear.
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