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Reviewed Oct 2017
This marina is the newest of the marinas in Cairns. It is apparently cyclone rated. We stayed here a few weeks and were completely underwhelmed, as was everyone we spoke to. A few points:

Depth: if you like sitting in the mud at low tide its great. When we booked in nothing was mentioned despite asking for our draught. A dredge has started in the channel but the marina doesnt get done. Staff: The manager is an empty shirt and a company man. Doesnt know the entrance channel depth and is pretty well useless. Better to help yourself than ask for help. Facilities: Unbelievably the showers, toilet and laundry are only to be accessed by going through the attached hotels beer garden. Lovely for the wife at 8pm let alone kids. Marina pens have loose cleats, lights that dont work and boats sanding and spray painting in adjacent pens to other boats.

Noise from party boats is an issue, and once again dont talk to the manager.

We have stayed in many east coast marinas and this is a pretend marina, it looks like nice but compared to many others it is a poor reflection.
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Bluewater Marina York’s Knob

SV Perseides II
Reviewed Aug 2019
Most things in the last review are correct but you get what you pay for only $200/week compared to $465.00/week in Cairns marina for 14m berth. Bus stop just up the road, Woolworths did delivery right to the yacht
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