Batemans Bay Marina

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Batemans Bay Marina

Reviewed Nov 2015
What a change from the days of old. This Marina now has floating pontoons, great electricity and water and the staff are very helpful. The hardstand is a great place to have work done. The rate are moderate to high but the facilities are good in the marina and surrounds. Batemans Bay is a great place to stop for a lay-over along the coast or for the summer. You can go up the river or to the two local bays half a day away.
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Pleasant stopover heading south

Reviewed Mar 2017
Surprised by some reviews here ! My husband and I have stopped in at Batemans Bay on the way to Tasmania. We stayed at the marina for 2 nights and had a quiet and enjoyable time. As a temporary visitor I found the facilities to be adequate and management nice and helpful. New cafe restaurant on site serving good meals. No complaints from me

Never had a difficulty

Peter Quinton
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Reviewed Jul 2017
I moor my (smaller) yacht here from time to time and have never had a difficulty in the marina. The service staff have been helpful and the marina itself appears to be in good order.
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A price gouging ripoff

Reviewed Mar 2017
For the past 2 years this Marina has charged me at the 40 to 45 foot rate when my boat is under 40 feet. After debating the issue I had the boat independently measured (with a witness) and still they try to price gouge! Stay away!
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Accommodating to the visiting cruiser

Reviewed Apr 2016
I have stopped here a few times in the last few years on a casual basis (going north and south) and have always found the staff to be very helpful. My most recent stay was in February 2016 and they were undergoing significant upgrades to the facilities which I look forward to seeing completed. The marina is also within walking distance to the local shops so provisioning is easy.
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