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Old Fashioned Service

Tony Austin
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Aug 2015
Having had one of my onboard engines (Yamaha 9.9HP) start to play up soon after arriving in Townsville I was convinced that i had a fuel problem and decided to change the fuel supply lines and priming bulb as they were over 14 years old and looking rather tired. Angus Smith Marine was the nearest boating spare parts dealer so I had a chat to one of their technical staff re my problem. He was extremely helpful and took quite some time to discuss the problem and suggest some further investigations. There was no pressure to sell me anything nor to fob me off with the usual 'bring the engine in and we will have a look at it' replies that often bring useful discussion to a rapid close. Suffice to say I did as he advised and then went back to buy the requisite parts. There was a different technical gent on duty that day and he took a very careful history from me to ensure that I got the the right bits that would not only do the job but actually last as long as the originals had.

I found it really refreshing to be dealing with staff who genuinely wanted to be helpful and who went out of their way to make sure that I got the right bits for the right job. The total value of the sale was trivial given the amount of time they took to help me. I strongly recommend Angus Smith Marine to anyone with an outboard problem in Townsville.
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