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Ideal location and spectacular scenery

Allan Bridge
Reviewed May 2016
We have been coming to Anchorage Marina Port Stephens for our annual sail away since 2007. The ideal location and spectacular scenery are matched only by the service and friendliness shown by the marina staff. With up to 30 yachts descending on the marina for up to 4 days, the staff go out of their way to accommodate us and assist wherever possible. The weather may be unpredictable, but at least we can be certain the professionalism of the marina staff is constant. We'll be back!
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Extremely accomodating

Ellen Pragnell-Raasch
Reviewed May 2016
Everyone was extremely accommodating, especially the staff at The Anchorage hotel and marina and it was great to have all the boats berthed together. The rental accommodation was ideal ... The MC38s will definitely be back next year.
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Quiet and well maintained

Reviewed Apr 2016
The anchorage marina is located further inland than dalbora marina at nelson bay and as a result often tends to get overlooked particularly by those in cruising circles. I have only stopped over in port stephens a handful of times over the years but this marina is my preference and I would recommend to anyone that is looking to for a quieter alternative to the nelson bay CBD.
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It is a great place to stay

Brent Leggett
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Reviewed Aug 2017
We took our boat there for three days and just stayed put. The kids enjoyed the pool and the spa (so did we). We all enjoyed the restaurant and the games room overlooking the harbour. The facilities were clean and spacious. For the price of a Berth, you get a resort holiday. The marina staff know boats and are eager to help. They even provide a small lounge with coffee machine for free. We'll be back.
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Very hospitable place

Tom Faire
Reviewed May 2016
Marina staff at The Anchorage were extremely helpful... It is a very hospitable place and I highly recommend Sail Port Stephens as a fun event...
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