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Incredibly good service

Sue Parry-Jones
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Apr 2015
Affordable Antifoul solutions will take care of all your antifouling needs - and can do all the work for you at very reasonable rates. All the staff are extremely courteous and the work carried out to the highest standards.

Our contact was mostly with Joel the owner of the business who came to see us the first day we had our boat out of the water. We needed to antifoul and repair some hull damage to our ferro/epoxy schooner and had never done this work before. Joel was incredibly helpful and willing to spend time showing us how to wet sand, prepare the hull and mask off like pros to get excellent results. We were total novices but after his tips and advice looked like we had actually had a clue! We were advised of the best products to use for the elements we could do ourselves, and assisted in the most helpful way with the harder things that they needed to do for us. This is an excellent business I can highly recommend.
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