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Diesel Marine Servicing & Rebuilds

Gerard Wall
Reviewed Dec 2017

We have been using Shane Quaintmere to service our Volvo Penta diesel and sail drive since sailing from Pittwater to Paynesville almost 2 years ago. This included unravelling metres of fishing line which had wrapped around the sail drive & prop.

Unlike previous diesel work we had done previously Shane provided a thorough service with preemptive work minimising future servicing costs.


Shane is a “one man band” and very good to deal with. He is a straight shooter and gives realistic estimates of work to be done and delivers quality work on time

Cost of Services

After having our boat serviced in NSW by a budget operator we discovered that low servicing costs were good but were not treating the engine and saildrive with respect. Our initial service with Shane was significant but remedied all the problems from 3 years of basic servicing and since then costs have been reasonable and fair.
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