Tipperary Waters Marina

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Reasonable rates, friendly and helpful

Russ B
Reviewed Aug 2016
One of the smaller marinas in Darwin but not lacking the features found in some of the larger marinas. Like most of the Darwin marinas, Tipperary Waters is only accessible via a lock and getting to it has to be timed with the tides. A call to Geoff, the lockmaster on 0407 075 077 an hour or so before arrival will ensure co ordination between the tides and the lock opening. Once inside, berthing was straightforward and a visit to the lockmaster to confirm a fisheries declaration was smooth. It should be noted that to enter any Marina in Darwin, it is necessary to contact Fisheries (Michelle on 0413 381 094) and complete the stat dec regarding foreign entry.

At the marina there were a couple of restaurants, a small grocery store with bottle shop a laundromat, a hair dresser and a hundred meters down the road a chandlery.
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