Zodiac Pro Open 650

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I could almost guarantee you’ll get anywhere before any of your conventional boat owning friends and with a whole lot more fun

Dom Wiseman
Reviewed Oct 2016
The 650 Pro Open would be perfect as a crossover boat capable of being used as a diving, fishing or even watersports boat. The stability of this construction method coupled with a self draining cockpit is the key to its success for such applications. Take two average sized passengers standing on the tube on the starboard side and the lean is hardly noticeable. Fishing space is ample with anglers able to fish from behind the lean-to style seat at the helm or on the bow. Grab an air tank, mask and slip on fins and slide over the side with ease, or tie on a ski rope and chuck the kids on a ski tube. It’s all easy and safe with the Zodiac 650 Pro Open, and they can climb back in courtesy of the rope fitted to each tube. For potential fishermen worried about puncturing the tube with a sharp item you need not worry. It would take a fair bit of effort to actually drive a hook through the tube and in any case the tubes are chambered so you are not going to sink...
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