X Yachts Xp 44

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A thoroughly modern racer-cruiser built in classic northern European style

Blue Water Sailing
Reviewed Oct 2016
Under power the 44 handled easily. The sail drive unit is far enough ahead of the high aspect spade rudder to provide a steady flow of water without any cavitation. In reverse you can maneuver very precisely, while in forward the boat steers like a sports car. The gearshift and throttle lever is mounted below the instrument panel and near your right foot so you can literally operate it with your toes. Once clear of the narrow channel, we gave the engine full throttle and were pleased to see that the 44 has a top speed under power of just over eight knots and a cruising speed of 6.5 knots at 2400 rpms. The feel on the twin wheels is active but not at all hard to control...
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Sharp, contemporary lines drawn for offshore speed

Anthony Twibill
Reviewed Sep 2016
While more regularly seen in European waters, the “X” brand has become increasingly popular in our southern seas, particularly their racing-focused range which has succeeded with many competitive regatta performances to their credit. But being a less seen yacht Down under means much mystery, and some misconceptions, still surround X-Yachts on our waterways. Among racing yachtsmen widely read on global yachting brands, an X-Yacht is without doubt one of those high-quality European yachting brands towards which one aspires...
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