X Yachts X-41

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A very complete package and will definitely appeal to current owners of X-yachts

Ingmar Jense
Reviewed Oct 2016
The most pleasurable part of this test sail was by far the bit where I grabbed the wheel. With a 67 inch span the carbon wheel is not hard to miss and, unlike many other race boats, was not too thick, even for my big hands. As soon as I took the wheel I could feel that a small group of men had spent many hours making sure that the mechanism down below had been perfectly balanced to give this 41 footer the feel of a boat half her size. Upwind the Jefa bearings and components gave just enough weather helm to really feel the boat and respond to the slightest adjustments- a real benefit for a racing helm who needs to concentrate on a lot of things at the same time. As soon as I bore off into a reach I felt the rudder biting nicely and although I didn’t get the chance to try, suspect that it would tell me quite early if it was going to cavitate or send the X-41 into a broach...
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