Weta Trimaran

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The most fun you can have in small sailboat

Reviewed Jan 2017
While some may crave the excitement of a foiling Moth or skiff - not everyone wants to spend that much time swimming. Also you might like a boat that you can share with your friends and family.

The Weta provides fast, fun, easy sailing for everyone without requiring you to bust a gut.

It combines carbon mast, spars and foils with lightweight fibreglass main hull and floats which make it very stable - so much so that it's now been approved for the Paralympics.

Unlike beach catamarans and most monohull dinghies, it can be used safely in strong winds (I've raced in wind up to 35 knots!) just by reducing the sail area and the full battened sail means there's no boom to take your head off.

The Weta has enough buoyancy for 3 adults, planes upwind at 10-12 knots and can go over 20 knots off the wind without being scary. And if it ever goes over, undo the port in the float to sink it and the Weta comes up like a monohull. It only requires the space of a Laser to stow on the supplied trolley and can be rigged in under 30 mins.
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