Wellcraft 360 Coastal

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A fishing and family friendly vessel that will entertain in all seasons

David Lockwood
Reviewed Oct 2016
The boat's fast cruise speed was 22kt at 2890rpm using 102lt per hour for a 294-nautical mile range. Flat out, the GPS showed we were doing a tad over 26kt. I suspect the boat is more like a 30-knotter with clean props and running gear (Wellcraft claims 30.5kt). Power options range to twin 540hp motors and, I suspect, you'll see 30kt cruise.

But fast or slow it felt awfully good as I ranged through some messy stuff without one thud, bang or shudder. The electronic shifts made the boat a snap to drive. It's certainly an adaptable, low-maintenance boat that should unite those who have an interest in fishing and those who do not...
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