Wellcraft 35 Scarab Sport

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An American centre console that awakens your senses and stirs the emotions

David Lockwood
Reviewed Oct 2016
As I wrote almost two decades ago with that Wellcraft Scarab 33 AVS test (still on our sites), these exciting dayboats are all about going fast offshore and in absolute control.

Pedigree, performance and poise mean the boats maintain composure across the rough stuff. This new 35 Scarab Offshore Sport has a race-bred deep-vee hull with 23 degrees of deadrise match impressively to a triple rack of 350hp Mercs on the transom.

But this 2016-model 35 Scarab has two other things: greater ‘fishability’ and overnighting potential. And while the open-bow Tournament replaces this cuddy, all the best bits from the hot bluewater ride to the inbuilt fishing features remain. Driving pleasure guaranteed...
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