Tournament 1900 Bluewater

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A good fishing platform for three or four friends

Mike Brown  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Storage is perhaps a shade light on. There are compartments under the shallow bow platform and below the deck ahead of the seat, and a sizeable space within the console - although this would benefit from a shelf. There are side pockets for about half-length and these seemed vulnerable. There are no steps built in to aid getting on and off the coamings when boarding, so the pockets are bound to be used instead and are likely to eventually be damaged...
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Tournament's new 1900 Bluewater is shorter than its popular sibling, the 2000, but it's just as good -- if not better!

Rick Huckstepp  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The Tournament 2000 Bluewater went close to fitting the bill of being a proven winner with the family fisher and boating enthusiast. However, the designers went to work to fine tune a boat for the avid angler who in many cases is restricted to a particular size of tow vehicle, storage space issues when not on the water and overall running costs. Enter the Tournament 1900 Bluewater.

The 2000 Bluewater had a strong following and still does. Seeing the need to cater for the angler and to downsize for those afore-mentioned reasons...
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