Sunseeker Predator 80

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A real boat for the connoisseur

Tony Crawford  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Capable of accommodating eight people with four double cabins, Sunseeker unashamedly aim this boat squarely at the Rolls Royce style buyer. The boat is opulent throughout and designed to be an escape from the real world for and owner.

Classier than your home layout, Boatadvice were impressed with the four ensuite cabins expansive galley and luxury additions such as wine coolers and bar fridges. Lush leather is used thoughtfully but most impressive is the rear garage that houses a tender and opens via a hydraulic door...
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It drives like a sports car

Capt. Tom Serio  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Appearance isn’t everything, as I learned during the sea trial. My initial thought about the helm-seat setup and how it would work wasn’t pleasant, but my time at the wheel proved me wrong (yes, I can admit it). The controls were easy to operate, my arms and elbows were securely on the rests, visibility was good all around (the height of the seat helps) and bowrise was minimal, so keeping an eye out for others was no problem. Oh, and the Predator 80 rode like a rocket (would even look like one if you stood it on end)...
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A sleek-lined, technologically advanced yacht

Jennie Fitzhardinge  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The bridge and flybridge control stations are also impressive with Simrad Glass Bridge Systems – glass touchscreens that display everything you need to know about the various systems on the yacht in a very easy to understand graphical format. The information can also be sent via Wi-Fi to a home base or potentially even suppliers for diagnostic purposes. The amount of information that can be displayed is comprehensive, whether it is how much energy is being drawn from shore power, or how much fuel the two MTU 2000hp engines are consuming when steaming at the boat’s top speed of 34 knots. With 6000 litres of fuel capacity, that’s a lot of miles to be covered too. It puts the yacht in the class of yachts that can do longer distance cruising for the more adventurous owner...
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