Sunseeker 115 Sport Yacht

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Few production yachts can match the sheer presence of a Sunseeker Predator

Anthony Twibill  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Although the 115 is unquestionably a vessel that both looks and goes very fast indeed, the more conservative engineering considerations of a large volume motor yacht have affected the Predator 115 most when it comes to traditional high-speed performance, the exhilarating signature of previous slim-hulled models in the Predator range (with the sole exception being the larger 130 which also shares much of the same design principles of this smaller model). Although delivering almost 5,280 horsepower via a pair of huge turbo diesels, the top speed for the 115 Predator is (only) around 30 knots, showing that Sunseeker have decided to strike a balance between the outright performance orientation of previous Predator models and market sensibility...
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