Stacer 679 Ocean Ranger HT

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It’s built tough for offshore work and rides well

Dom Wiseman  
Reviewed Oct 2016
It would be difficult to look at performance without first considering the hull design which is integral to its performance. The 679 Ocean Ranger is built tough, sitting on an internal frame that comprises of some serious aluminium. Eight 6mm aluminium stringers are supported by 5mm ribs arranged in a pattern that offers enormous strength and helps create the EVO hull’s shape. The back two-thirds of the boat has a box frame for added strength and the fully welded checker plate floor sits atop this framework. It creates a very strong hull which also includes a solid keel and some very tidy welding, something Stacer prides itself on.

Underway, the boat feels solid and incredibly safe, almost tank like. It’s an impressive ride and it feels as though it could tackle anything. The boat slices through chop or rises over it and comes down the other side without the classic aluminium feel you may expect. I put this down to the thoroughly well designed and built superstructure the boat sits on which creates rigidity and adds crucial weight...
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