Stacer 509 Easy Rider

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Ideal for a family looking to get into a comfortable boat without it being too much boat to handle or breaking the bank

Dom Wiseman  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The brochure claims 100hp maximum on this boat with a 203kg maximum transom weight, but seriously after being on the test boat rigged with a 90hp Suzuki four-stroke outboard (a 13 ¼ diameter prop x 19 inch pitch), I’d be surprised if anyone needed a 100hp, but we do love to go fast here in Australia don’t we. The 90hp pushed this boat along at about 45 miles per hour flat out. That’s fast enough for a small family and I was impressed by the handling with this combination.

Acceleration was quick and we were onto the plane in about 2 seconds. Top speed is achieved at about 6,200 revs per minute with cruising comfortable at about 3,500 rpm and 25 miles per hour. It was cornering that really grabbed my attention. As previously mentioned, we were testing in choppy conditions and the hull and motor combination sliced through the chop easily. Corners weren’t even a problem and we managed several turns across the chop at or close to full speed. The hull holds exceptionally well and doesn’t give a sign of skipping or jumping across changes in the water surface...
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