Sparkman and Stephens 30

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Will reward its owner with good all-around performance

Andrew Burton  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Harking back to one of Olin Stephens’s well-known designs from 1935, the pretty S&S 30 is nevertheless a very modern boat. Like the original, a 30-footer named Babe, it was built for coastal racing and daysailing, although in Babe’s day “coastal” included racing overnight the 150 miles from Florida to Nassau in the Bahamas. This sweet 30-footer is equally capable of satisfying the desires of many different types of sailors.

Hand-laid E Glass in vinylester resin sandwiches a polymer foam core in both the hull and the deck...
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A pretty and sweet sailing newcomer in the daysailer and weekender fleet

Blue Water Sailing  
Reviewed Sep 2016
For those who may have forgotten, Olin Stephens was the Twentieth Century’s resident genius of yacht design, our own nautical Da Vinci. In every aspect of the sailing game from dinghies like the Lightning to offshore racers like Finisterre to America’s Cup defenders, Stephens created fast boats that were always a step ahead of their time.

Some years ago, when asked which of his designs he would like to see brought back and renewed...
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Savage built defiance

Reviewed Feb 2017
J. Savage in Williamstown, Melbourne used moulds similar to those of the Yankee during the 70s. Most of his boats are still sailing today as they were strongly built. there are many owners of them that got hooked when they went and sailed on someone's.

They are good to wind and typical of S&S designs just great seaworthy designs. Close relatives are the S&S 34 and 39. Not the fastest, though I know which yacht I would want to be in heavy weather.
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