Seawind 1160 Lite

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I would love to see more of these fine-sailing boats here in the United States

Adam Cort  
Reviewed Nov 2016
We had light breezes on Biscayne Bay for our sail, but they were more than adequate to put the boat through its paces. With its self-tacking headsail and large main, the boat is specifically designed for shorthanded sailing and works admirably in this capacity.

Despite the lack of wind, the 1160 LITE ghosted nicely through the flat water, coming about easily and providing a pleasant sail. On a close reach, we were able to sustain a couple of knots of boat speed in 5 knots of true wind. The cable steering was responsive, and with the sails set, coming about was a matter of just turning the wheel.

Years ago I had the pleasure of sailing a standard 1160 reefed down on Sydney Harbor in squally weather with gusts in the upper 20s, and I can assure you the boat performs just as well in a blow. Despite its outboards, I would be perfectly comfortable taking this boat on coastal passages as well...
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The price may be lite but this new Seawind 1160 sailing cat remains a heavyweight performer

Kevin Green  
Reviewed Nov 2016
The Seawind 1160 Lite is the new version of the popular Seawind 1160 that has sold 106 hulls. But with the relocation of production to South Vietnam, Seawind is reaping the benefits of reduced costs which translates into a very good-value 39ft (11.9m) sailing catamaran that should attract a variety of sailors, including first-time buyers to this category of cruiser.

The Seawind 1160 Lite has shed nearly three-quarters of a tonne with the removal of inboard diesels and the more modern composite interior has slashed the price by $100,000 to $435,000. For this you are getting an ocean-ready catamaran with the same powerful Australian rig along with Harken deck gear that made the Seawind 1160 a bestseller...
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