Seawind 1160 Deluxe

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Will appeal to cruisers who wnat a well built cat that can sail away in a hurry

Jeremy McGeary  
Reviewed Nov 2016
From the moment you step aboard, it's clear that the ergonomics of getting around the boat are a high priority, along with a strong emphasis on indoor/outdoor living facilitated by unhindered, single-level access between the roomy, airy saloon and the open cockpit. Also on the same level are the twin helm stations, opposite each other on the saloon bulkhead. The port station houses the engine controls, and the nav instruments, just inside the saloon, are within reach through the open window; they're readable when it's closed. The view forward, through the saloon, is excellent, and the helmsman can pop his head out from under the awning to see the sails. Other than a cushioned box seat at each wheel and a bench integrated into the safety railing spanning the aft deck, the cockpit has no fixed seating. In port, loose furniture (owner-supplied) comes out of a large dedicated locker and can be arranged to suit the moment...
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