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Seawind 1000 - A near perfect mix of form and function

Tony Austin
Deckee Pro  
Reviewed Nov 2016
Having owned a series of keel boats and sailed extensively in North Queensland, Cath and I had decided that our next boat had to be a catamaran. We had had enough of rocking and rolling in exposed anchorages, anchoring miles off shore due to shallow waters and sweltering down below when the tropical downpours mandated closing all hatches.

We were also pretty convinced that we would only be doing coastal cruising although a circumnavigation of Oz was not entirely off the books. We were very focused on liveability rather than outright performance and wanted a vessel that would be rugged, reliable and forgiving. It did not take us too long to decide that the Seawind 1000 was the perfect vessel for us. At the time that we started looking Seawind had produced over 200 of this model with many giving sterling service in the challenging charter fleets of the Whitsundays. The company was constantly refining the design and the 1000XL was starting hit the water. Unfortunately, at that stage, the purchase price of a new boat was a bit beyond our budget.

We started the search in 2008 and it took over 6 months and much tyre kicking before we found our boat. Double Fun (DF) was located not too far from our home and it was love at first sight. She had been much loved and was in great condition for her age with very little that needed to be done to bring her up to meet our needs although we have made added many toys since then.

Over the past 8 years we have sailed her as far south as Jervis Bay and as far north as Dunk Island. In 2014 we lived aboard for seven months as we cruised north and had a fantastic time. We were joined on several occasions by family and even had a pair of toddlers onboard for 10 days. Despite some trepidation on the part of their parents it actually worked really well.

With many years to look at other boats and put Double Fun through all her paces, we remain very happy with our choice and plan to have her in the family for many years to come.

While the majority of Seawind 1000 owners are very happy with the original design, we have gradually morphed our boat as we adopt the great features of the more modern 1000XL. This started with a fully width traveller track for the headsail making it essentially self-tacking, adding a cockpit hardtop (and fantastic weatherproof cockpit screens that have greatly expanded the living space when at anchor) and most recently extending the hulls to make a great boarding platform as well as increasing the waterline length. Yes - we could have sold DF and bought a 1000XL or XL2 but she is part of the family!

You will find that Seawind owners are a pretty passionate about their boats and I now know why!
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Few yachts are better suited to the Aussie lifestyle than the Seawind 1000

David Lockwood  
Reviewed Nov 2016
We had the Seawind 1000 fairly hooting along in 20-25kt of south-east wind, reaching across the harbour and making useful headway without having to sail too far off the breeze.

With all lines leading aft to the cockpit, a husband and wife team can sail without much effort. Actually, you can do it single handed.

But the fickle weather which has plagued the east coast this summer was up to its usual tricks. Just as we had a taste for doing 10kt or so, the wind fizzled to a whimper. Still, the Seawind ran nicely downwind with the optional kite. It would make a fun weekend racer, if not a boat to blast along the back of beaches on your passage north...
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Seawind 1000

Ingrid Bailey
Reviewed Nov 2016
Had a 850 Seawind first now we have a 1000 , great boat use it all the time in lake Maquarie and travelled east coast the only thing we have done is put xl stern extensions on , easy to use , handles all conditions , love our boat
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