Sea Ray 350 SLX

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Lots of original thinking that provides lots of very practical functionality

Steve Larivee  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Sea Ray's all-new 350 SLX takes the top of the pyramid as the largest of the premium lineup of Sea Ray's new SLX boats. She comes well equipped to handle comfortable seating for 18 people while underway, including an unprecedented 11 facing forward...
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For those who want a day boat this size and for whom money is no object

Pacific Powerboat Magazine  
Reviewed Oct 2016
While she’s not necessarily classified as an overnighter, there’s little doubt that Sea Ray kept that option in mind when designing the 350 SLX by providing an optional berth upgrade accessed from what would be the helm storage access to the side of the helm console. The console door is opened, and a latch just abaft releases a deck hatch that automatically rises to expose steps into the compartment/berth. With this option, she can accommodate a very friendly cruising couple overnight...
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