Savage Cabin 655

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A few issues ironed out

Rick Huckstepp  
Reviewed Sep 2016
When we originally tested this hull, we thought it had a couple of cosmetic issues that required addressing, namely the bar work around the windscreen supporting the bimini cluttered the cockpit. This has been neatened up and the swivel helm seat that clashed with the cockpit liner when rotated has been relocated.

We also found the helm wheel obstructed the flush-mounted electronics...
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The flagship in the Savage Fibreglass range is superb value

Rick Huckstepp  
Reviewed Sep 2016
It’s no secret that a lot of gear, no matter what it is, emanating from China and arriving on our shores is lacking in the quality department. But those canny operators who are importing products into Australia that remain well made generally have astute people on the ground back in the Orient conducting strict quality-control checks.

When we first caught a glimpse of this new range of Savage boats they were on the 'hard' behind Telwater’s factory and about to be shipped to the Melbourne boat show...
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