Savage 525 Scorpion

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A winner for Australian families

Dom Wiseman  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The new 525 Scorpion is now the biggest model in a well established range and is available in a side console or centre console configuration. The boat we tested was set up with a small side console and while I traditionally have preferred the aesthetics and ride of centre consoles, I came to really appreciate the increased space created on board this five plus metre platform by having the console and helm seat pushed to the starboard side. The console itself is small, leaving more room internally, and doesn’t feature any storage underneath. It’s completely open. It will accommodate up to a 12 inch sounder mounted on a bracket on the flat space atop the console protected by the Perspex windscreen.

There’s no doubt the core function of this boat is fishing and while capable of carrying up to six people, you’re more than likely going to fish two or three up at a time. The platform itself is the perfect crossover more than at home fishing inshore areas such as estuaries and the inside of break walls, but it also is a capable on offshore fisher with drifting and casting plastics or trolling more than possible...
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