Savage 455 Bay Cruiser

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It's tough, classy and above all it's a good boat for your buck

Rick Huckstepp  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Alloy boat owners will tell you it is the types of water they inhabit that calls the shots. Rock bars, snags, shallow water strewn with structure all play havoc with gelcoat so alloy gets a good run there. Fibreglass boat owners say it's the heavier weight per size that gives them a better ride.

They also enjoy the quietness offered by a glass hull which equates to a feeling of warmth. That is, less wave-slap noise coming though the hull on a cold night at anchor...
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A base boat at a base price but a good looker

Rick Fielding
Reviewed Sep 2016
As far as trailer boats are concerned there are not too many options available when it comes to hull make up.

Other than a small percentage of plastic or polyethylene hulls and an even lesser percentage of wood, the majority are made of fibreglass or aluminium...
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