Riviera 77 Enclosed Flybridge

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Stylish, spacious and flexible semi-custom design

David Robinson
Reviewed Sep 2016
With its tall outrigger fishing poles, sleek dark blue hull and prominent enclosed bridge, the first craft in the Riviera 77 Enclosed Flyridge series is an impressive and imposing sight. Christened Life Serenity, the yacht’s external profile is both sporty and fast, and the size of the yacht suggests that it can deliver on both counts in a high-quality, luxurious manner. Although described as a 77, the yacht has a length of 81 feet, taking Riviera into the lower end of the market for big yachts...
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The overall package of the boat is impressive and certainly credit to the Riviera team

Pacific Powerboat Magazine
Reviewed Oct 2016
The Riviera 77EB is a genuine and practical boat that is designed as a seagoing vessel, which is more than can be said for a number other competitive brands of a similar size. Once again Riviera has brought together the Kiwi/OZ style of combining indoor/ outdoor living so beautifully well in a hardtop design. While unquestionably a boat that has the smarts to make it a favourite of the cruising set, it’s also well placed to be a popular boat on the game fishing scene. A task that Riviera 77EB/4 will certainly be used for...
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