Riviera 53 Flybridge

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Clearly this is a boat for serious use

Mike Brown
Reviewed Sep 2016
Riviera has nicknamed the 53 its ‘spaceship’, and space is what it has lots of. Three cabins, one very large, one simply large and one a bigger than average twin, plus two bathrooms inhabit the space below decks. A deck up is possibly the best laid out saloon I have come across, and the flybridge above that provides virtually a second saloon...
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A luxury cruiser in the true sense of the word

Pacific Powerboat Magazine
Reviewed Oct 2016
For me, four aspects particularly stood out in this cockpit area. The first was the overhead awning structure – brilliant. The second was the uncluttered look, helped immensely by the omission of an external access ladder or staircase to the flybridge level. The other two, below decks, were perhaps a little more subtle; the first being the realisation the imposing weight of the fuel and water tankage was virtually amidships, thereby greatly enhancing the ride balance of the boat. The second was the actual layout and area devoted to each facet of engineering; perfect in respect of the perhaps not so experienced skipper who may be over-awed by all the mechanicals in a confined space, entwined in an often intimidating spider-web of intrigue and mystique – as is the case in many vessels!
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