Riviera 50 Flybridge

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The 50 EF demonstrates classic Riviera profiles

Jeff Strang
Reviewed Oct 2016
For a boat looking to make a name in one of the industry’s most competitive segments the new Riviera 50 EF cannot afford to be anything but very good indeed. Time will tell but it seems all the components required to deliver on its promise are in place. It certainly offers family friendly versatility, fuel efficiency and space...
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Designed primarily as a cruising yacht that maximizes the use of interior space

Steve Larivee
Reviewed Oct 2016
We have long been impressed by boat builders who recognize that they don't know it all. Granted, this is a rare circumstance, but one that has been acknowledged by the folks at Riviera, Australia's largest boat builder. The fact of life is that most yacht designers and boat builders have to work for a living, therefore don't have as much time to experience their own products as many of their customers. The design of Riviera's new 50 Enclosed Flybridge (first introduced in August, 2013) was based on boat owner input, gleaned and distilled over the two years at owner forums, specifically set up to find out what actual boat owners wanted in a 50-something yacht...
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Destined for success

Pacific Powerboat Magazine
Reviewed Oct 2016
If there was ever a boat that you could say radiated a feeling of openness and space in the saloon, it is the Riviera 50 Enclosed. There is almost an uninterupted 360 deg panoramic viewing experience from wherever you stand or sit. With the low windowlines, the views from the settees and dining area are perfectly situated so you can see everthing that’s going on outside the boat. Even the staircase through to the flybridge is ‘see through’ with four teak treads on a narrow timber frame...
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Pod drives, an enclosed bridge, and an open cockpit make the Riviera 50 a good choice for multiple uses

Jeanne Craig
Reviewed Oct 2016
The cockpit of the 50 resembles that of the 53 and other Rivieras. It too opens directly to the galley in the saloon, and there’s a mezzanine seat. The seat here is lower, though, allowing the builder to use the space between the galley and the cockpit for a refrigerator and freezer. Those appliances, coupled with the grill on the transom, make this area very cruising-friendly. (Although before planning a big gathering, know that the mezzanine is the only built-in cushioned seat here. Extra guests will have to get comfortable on folding chairs or the gunwales.) Anglers can still cast lines from the cockpit, but if you’re serious about fishing, think about swapping that grill for the optional bait station, talk to the dealer about ordering rodholders, and consider losing the swim platform. Whether you fish or cruise it, though, the Riviera 50 should offer up a solid and safe offshore experience, as have its predecessors. It represents an evolution, after all...
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A luxury coastal cruiser with all the latest smarts

David Lockwood
Reviewed Oct 2016
Yes, there’s a bit of rebadging going on here. The 52 Enclosed has the same layout, engines, drives and set-up as the 50 is supplants. Part of the reason for the rebadging is that the previous 53, now relaunching at the 2015 Sydney International Boat Show as a 57, was such an enormous ‘beast’ it needed truer sizing.

Riviera says the new badges more accurately reflect a nomenclature based on the International Organisation for Standardisation’s ISO guidelines as well as the European Union’s CE mark. While that may be the case, the new 52 Enclosed has undergone some real refinements...
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