Riviera 4800 Sports Yacht

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I find the 4800SY delightful to drive

Dom Wiseman
Reviewed Dec 2016
The 4800SY is a boat that has all the niceties of a modern design, great finish and luxuries, but not exactly spacious, five-star accommodation. It is also well set up for entertaining and is a fun boat to drive with a real sporty performance...
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Perfect for families who love to entertain locally as well as run up or down the coast to explore new waterways

Dom Wiseman
Reviewed Oct 2016
The helm position itself is well laid out and inspired by the sporty nature of the boat itself. The test boat featured Volvo Penta/Garmin Glass cockpit navigation with twin 12-inch multi function displays set into the dash. This makes control of the whole boat simple as it combines with the Electronic Vessel control features including what they call Dynamic Positioning System which uses GPS to hold station while you get ropes ready. A separate 10-inch C-Zone screen monitors and manages boat settings.

Visibility through the two piece glass window and side windows is exceptional allowing full view across all angles. Two large wipers will keep the window free of spray. The hull has a dry weight of approximately 16,000 kilograms and is constructed of GRP. Despite this it jumps onto the plane courtesy of the Volvo engines and IPS drives. I was actually shocked by the performance all round and found the boat capable in all conditions whether that be into or in a following sea...
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