Riviera 445 SUV

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Riviera continues to stress seaworthiness in its SUV line

Chuck Welsh
Reviewed Sep 2016
The build is typical of Riviera’s reputation for open-water capable yachts. The hand-laid hull has a solid bottom and chines up to a point above the waterline where coring begins...
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Making a statement

Pacific Powerboat Magazine
Reviewed Oct 2016
With the 445 SUV, Riviera move into new space that not only broadens their range and options even further, it opens up an entirely new raft of potential buyers. Whilst in some ways comparable to a 44 Sport Yacht, there’s almost a $Aus100,000 difference in the base price, which certainly puts the 445 SUV into another price bracket. As part of a growing Riviera fleet, the 445SUV is a fresh approach that perfectly brings together the various design disciplines into one common vessel. If new boats and innovations are needed to sell in today’s market, then Riviera certainly have a winner in the new 445 SUV...
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