Quintrex 610 Trident Hard Top

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A roomy versatile hard top

Rick Huckstepp
Reviewed Sep 2016
The Trident range has been on the market in various forms for a few years now but in typical Telwater fashion, nothing stays the same. This 610 has modified topsides to enhance cockpit fishing space and to increase available shoulder room when standing at the helm. It also allows for a wider walk-around deck.

Quintrex has set to work inside the cabin to maximise bunk space...
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Well-set-up blue-water fishing boat that can handle the rough conditions and protect you from the elements

Steve Lague
Reviewed Oct 2016
There was a small, sharp chop on Cockburn Sound the day we tested the boat that provided a good test of the hull and ride comfort of the 610. It also showed why the Trident came standard with trim tabs. As we accelerated for the first time it started bouncing across the chop providing an uncomfortable, jarring ride but a quick adjustment on the trim tabs had had it running much smoother. The ride was also noisy. While spray was not an issue during the test, you had the feeling that a slightly bigger swell, or sea, would have seen the windscreen wipers getting a good workout.

The boat was well set up to drive either sitting down or standing up with the instruments easy to read and access from both positions. Vision was good considering you are closed in and I liked the idea of being able to open the side windows, when the weather permits, to allow some breeze through the helm area. The hydraulic steering was light and the boat responded well to any input...
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