Quintrex 490 Fishabout

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Neat and versatile package that’s within reach of the average wage earner and economical to operate

Shane Mensforth
Reviewed Oct 2016
Like most Quintrex runabouts, this one comes with a stylish, curved, three-piece windscreen. The centre panel opens outward and there’s a small foredeck hatch that makes it easy to move forward to work the anchor rope if required. The anchor well isn’t huge, but then I guess most who buy this boat won’t need long ropes and chunky chain.

Due to the walk-through section up forward, the dash is split into two fibreglass modules; there’s a storage compartment to port that’s ideal for mobile phones and keys, and the helm module is neat, compact and operator friendly. There is mounting space for a compact GPS/sounder unit and dual gauges on the upper tier of the helm, and more room below for radio and toggle switches adjacent to the steering wheel. It’s all easy to access from both the seated and standing position...
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