Quintrex 490 Cruiseabout

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The bowrider concept opens up the entire boat for use

Dom Wiseman
Reviewed Oct 2016
This boat is built on the ‘Blade’ hull which is unique to Quintrex. Traditionally boats built with aluminium sheets are largely straight which affects handling due to the limited angles you can work with. By stretching the sheets for the bottom and sides, Quintrex has created a curve that allows them to have a deep angled entry and a flatter exit producing a boat that cuts chop well and is still stable at rest.

Does it work? Yes it does, although our test day was hardly what you would call rough. I did notice that it cuts through waves and chop effectively and is certainly stable and in the type of conditions families will mostly be heading out in it will provide a comfortable ride. The hull also keeps spray down and away from the cockpit...
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