Quintrex 460 Renegade SC

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The-mid-range offering offers more

Rick Huckstepp
Reviewed Sep 2016
It's hardly surprising that there are legions of Renegade fans, tribal facebook pages and keen fishers jumping aboard these quintessential Quintrex boats. The entry-level 420 Renegade, which we hear is built and sold pretty much at cost price to get more bums on seats, is one of the most popular Australian-made boats. Full stop.

A couple of rungs up the ladder and you find this 460 model sitting nicely in the Side Console (SC) range that includes the 420, 440, 460, 490 and 520. Though not the best seller out of the five SC Renegades (there are three tiller and three centre console versions as well), this rig runs a close second in the model's popularity stakes...
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Something of a contrast to their usual run of stretch formed upmarket models

Warren Steptoe
Reviewed Oct 2016
Conceptually, the Renegade 4.6 follows a style of boat introduced and indeed popularised by Quintrex with their legendary Top Ender. Top Enders have been with us for years now and have long been accepted as versatile and super effective fishing platforms virtually all over the country. That makes the new Renegade package ideal for people wanting to fish estuaries, bays and lakes; with maybe even a close inshore/offshore jaunt now and then.

But before getting out on the water, the first thing everyone notices about the new Renegade is that it doesn’t have flared bows. No; Quintrex’s hallmark for literally generations is quite conspicuous by its absence...
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