Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy

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Aimed at barra, bass and bream fishers across Australia

Warren Steptoe
Reviewed Oct 2016
Out of the hole the Vortex was quite nippy, lifting the hull into a planing attitude around 12 km/hr and running out to an impressive top speed of precisely 50 km/hr. As I said, a timely reminder the “zap” of carburettor two strokes hasn’t gone anywhere and they remain a viable option for some people, particularly those on limited budgets.

Nevertheless this hull is rated up to a max of 50 hp which brings several especially nice 50 hp EFI 4 strokes into consideration. I run a 50 hp Suzuki myself, and it, or a Honda or Yamaha, would make for a beautifully smooth and quiet boat/motor combination. That’s IF the budget allows. If it doesn’t, I can’t help but say yet again that this 420 Hornet package; is about perfect for enclosed water fishing of any kind...
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