McConaghy MC38 One Design

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I for one will not hesitate if someone asks me to crew for them at their new MC38

Peter Backe  
Reviewed Oct 2016
After three hours of sailing, we got a good feel for the boat – it was simply a pleasure to sail it. This is exactly what a modern one-design boat should look like – fast, fun and simple to use. But the simplicity also has a downside. The one-design rule is set for maximum 600 kilogrammes crew weight, which will be very demanding for the crew. All positions will be important in order to sail the boat to its full potential. The one-design rule is currently being developed with the aim to promote equal boats, high-tech racing and at the same time, keep costs down. To do so, the class restricts the owners in how many sails he can register as well as what type of electronics he may be able to use...
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For day-racing club sailors who want grand prix performance in a no-nonsense package

Matthew Henry  
Reviewed Sep 2016
It may seem like a contradiction in terms to some, but crew work is something that will be a joy on this boat. It’s hugely roomy in the working space, with a cockpit more like the size you would expect to find on a boat 10 feet longer. Every inch of available deck has been utilized right up to the mast to create one expansive cockpit with a helm position further forward in the boat than some would be accustomed to (there’s a considerable amount of space behind the helm). Six Harken winches adorn the cockpit, with the aft two dedicated to operating twin PBO running backstays while the primaries are well positioned for sheeting jibs, spinnakers and the mainsail. McConaghy offers the choice of a tiller or twin carbon wheels crafted specifically for the MC38, and so far they have had buyers for both variants...
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