Maritimo M61

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An eye-opening, feature-filled boat

Jeni Bone  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The M61 standard power is a pair of Volvo D13 900s, delivering 1,800 horsepower, but boat number one is fitted with the first Australian release of the new Scania D16 – 1,150 horsepower common rail engines. The M61 can be set up to include crew quarters or accommodate a gyro. Interiors would include the standard gloss teak or the popular wenge timber finish and the soft furnishings and fit out would be the same as the M65 in terms of quality...
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Appears to have hit a hot spot in the large cruiser market

Pacific Powerboat Magazine  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Meandering up the Gold Coast’ s Broadwater on Maritimo’ s new M61 Cruising Motoryacht, my mind began to wander. With boats coming and going in all directions on this busy waterway, and the Gold Coast cityscape in the background, I couldn’t help drifting off. If I squinted just enough, the surrounding clutter almost disappeared and I could imagine we were cruising through Solway Passage in the Whitsundays, turning to port to see the magnificent expanse of Whitsunday Island’ s Whitehaven Beach unfurl before us. It seemed to me that the M61’ s designers had the Whitsundays in mind when they penned the lines of this elegantly styled cruiser...
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I really did not want to get off the Maritimo M61

Dom Wiseman  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Out of all the boats we’ve tested, the Maritimo M61 is truly comfortable. The shaft drives do not vibrate excessively, nor do the engines at any speeds. Settling into the drivers’ seat on the flybridge reveals an open and uninhibited view of all that surrounds you. The hull delivers a stable comfortable ride due to the 37,000kg displacement.

Heading offshore was superb with a small east south-east swell offering a little lump once clear of the Broadwater. The Maritimo M61 hull rode superbly running into the swell and in a following sea with the hull offering a comfortable and cushioned ride. It never lurched from side to side and the steering, WOW. It’s responsive and there’s no guessing as to where you are headed once you turn the wheel. I didn’t want to relinquish control...
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