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It doesn’t need the mast to continue that cruising heritage

Mike Werling  
Reviewed Sep 2016
We took the Lagoon 40 MY out on a lumpy day, with four-foot swells coming at about three-second intervals, and the catamaran showed its seakindliness immediately as we cruised along slowly with our beam to the swell. The roll was minimal, like a monohull on a calm day, and there was no snapping back, as the hulls worked together to smooth the ride. The level ride is something Winter pointed to as a feature people appreciate about the yacht. People with an aversion to the motion of the ocean won’t be as affected by it because they won’t notice it. We pointed the bow directly into the waves, moved along them at an angle and put them on the stern, and the boat handled everything without hassle...
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Lagoon 400 - comfort, design and functionality

Lyndy Atkinson
Reviewed Aug 2016
We love our Lagoon 400 catamaran. Purchased brand new 2010 and delivered early 2011 we were thrilled to experience some unexpected extras on arrival, including wood feature bench tops, leather steering wheel and companionway hand rails and extra overhead galley cabinets. We ordered the owner's version for our family of four liveaboards and there is plenty of headroom for my tall Skipper. The Skipper is an engineer as well as a sailor who has been very happy with the performance of the vessel as well. We've continued visiting boat shows for ideas but nothing compares to the Lagoon 400, despite being offered our purchase value in a trade in if we wanted to!!
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Our chubby Lagoon may not win races, but she sashays along in style and comfort.

Reviewed Jul 2016
We've been living aboard our Lagoon 400, Roobinesque, for three and a half years. She was built in France in 2011 and sailed to Australia via America and the Pacific Islands. We bought her in February 2013.

Fitted with Yanmar 40 hp engines, solar panels, wind generator and a 7 kva Onan diesel generator she has power to spare. She's also fitted with a water maker and air conditioners.

She sails beautiful downwind or reaching, but isn't quite so happy close hauled. We passage plan at 5 knots and are ecstatic when she gets up to 8 knots. With the symmetrical kite up she's very comfortable even in a sloppy sea.

The amount of space and light aboard the Lagoon 400 is wonderful. They aren't the most elegant looking vessel externally, but they are extremely comfortable for living aboard.

We're currently cruising the east coast of Australia with plans to head off shore to New Caledonia next year and appreciate that she's already proven herself in those waters.
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Came away impressed

Allan Whiting  
Reviewed Sep 2016
When we checked out the Lagoon 400 in 2011 it had a square-top mainsail option and we figured that would probably constitute the boat's mid-life upgrade. We were part-correct, because the new version that's just been launched in Europe looks externally the same: almost plumb bows, portside steering station, vertical cabin windows and square-top main. The optional main suits the somewhat cubist lines of the Lagoon 400 very well, reinforcing the rectangular theme of its hull, ports and cabin...
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