Lagoon 39

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What these cats lack in performance or excitement they make up for in exterior space and comfort

Toby Hodges  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Lagoon’s latest offerings, the 52 and 39, have caused quite a stir. Contemporary looking models with beveled, straight stems, a key change from designers VPLP has been to move the masts dramatically further aft. The theory is to gain performance for less pitching and less effort, and provide more downwind sail options that are easily managed...
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Leaps and bounds above earlier multihulls

John Kretschmer  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Some might question why the brain trust at Lagoon would decide to build a new model that at first glance seems to compete with one of the most successful offshore catamarans of all time, the Lagoon 380, which is fast approaching hull No. 700. A closer inspection provides the answer: The new Lagoon 39 represents a fresh design approach for offshore sailing and provides intriguing options that neither the Lagoon 3800 or 400S2 offer. The design crew at VPLP has come up with a host of innovations that make the 39 a serious cruising machine, especially the new rig arrangement...
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A new breed of catamaran

Tom Dove  
Reviewed Sep 2016
It looks like a Lagoon. It’s built like a Lagoon. But this 39-footer is a new breed of catamaran. Specifically, although naval architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost of VPLP Design have kept the signature vertical windows and overall appearance of previous Lagoon models, they made significant changes to the rig and hulls to improve sailing performance. Most importantly, the mast and center of buoyancy of the hulls are now much farther aft. The bows are also very fine and plumb to maximize waterline length...
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Versatile and Multifaceted

Michael Good  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Conceptually, the new Lagoon 39 emulates the larger Lagoon 52, which was introduced recently. A revolutionary new rig, a more versatile interior, new looks, and fresh ideas should distinguish these two new Lagoon models from the humdrum offerings in their respective segments.

The most striking feature of the new design is the mast position, which was moved significantly farther aft. Thus it is possible to use a self-tacking headsail with a track on the deckhouse, which is a novelty in cruising catamarans of this size and a tremendous help during maneuvers...
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A very comfortable boat

Blue Water Sailing  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Probably the biggest change in the new Lagoons is the rigs. You can see in the photographs that VPLP has moved the mast well aft instead of placing it right on top of the forward main bulkhead. By reducing the mainsail in size and increasing the size of the genoa, the designers have made the boats easier to sail with the same or better performance...
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