Lagoon 380

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Would definitely consider buying another one should we ever go cruising again

Seth & Elizabeth Hynes  
Reviewed Sep 2016
In general, Lagoon has created an economically priced cat that delivers more than average amounts of luxury and acceptable performance. It's a comfortable cruiser with more than enough amenities in it to look nice upon inspection, but it is NOT meant to be a racy performer with the highest-end fit and finish. In short, Lagoon is the Toyota of the Catamaran world (where Gun Boat is the Austin Martin, Antares/PDQ is the Lexus and Foutain Pajot is the Hyundai). You can buy cheaper or faster or stronger or prettier boats, but given what Lagoon set out to achieve, it is safe to say they have succeeded and we have been happy with the result...
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A stylish and affordable package

Geoff Middleton  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Today's boating experience is about single-level living on a layout that includes all the crew. The Lagoon is a perfect example with a big cockpit leading through a sliding door to the saloon and galley. A sliding window opens to the galley so the chef can interact with those outside. If the weather turns foul, simply slide the window and door closed and eat indoors where six or eight seated at the table...
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