Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

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The epitome of the modern cruising sailboat

Kevin Green  
Reviewed Sep 2016
A notable feature on the Jeanneau 349 sail boat is the simple sail controls and clean decks thanks to the absence of jib cars and mainsheet track. Halyards are controlled from twin Harken 35.2 winches on the coachroof, while sheets run via padeyes right back to the Harken 35.2 winches near both helms. Both the Dyneema mainsheet and jib sheets run out of Spinlock jammers beside the helm where the H35 primary winch can easily control both. As on Jeanneau’s sporty Sun Fast range, instead of a main track a simple Y-bridle triangulated block is used giving strong mainsheet control from a single block, rather than on the SO33i whose three-block system can distort...
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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 coaxes you into the light

Phil Ross  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Production boat builders appear to be settling down on design for the popular range of boats under twelve metres (40 feet).

Chines, wide transoms, twin wheels and twin rudders are becoming de rigeur for both cruising and racing. In fact the designs are so good that the delineation between cruising and racing has almost disappeared with boats being promoted as hybrid cruiser/racers or vice versa.

How well does Jeanneau’s Sun Odyssey 349 fit in?
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Big Boat in a Small Package

Zuzana Prochazka  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Thirty-four is the new 50. And even if that doesn’t sound directionally correct, it is the trend now in new-boat introductions. In Miami, I tested Jeanneau’s new baby, the Sun Odyssey 349, and found there’s a lot to love in this relatively small package, which feels much bigger than its dimensions suggest.

Designer Marc Lombard took on a triple challenge when drawing the Sun Odyssey 349. First, it’s not easy designing the smallest boat in a fleet that now includes...
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Offers a lot of quality, performance and plain fun in an affordable package

Sandy Parks  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The boat was designed by Marc Lombard to be a true performance cruiser that will be manageable by a couple or even a singlehander. For couples with children, often one of the parents is tied up with childcare while the other solo sails the boat. The mainsheet has been setup as a doublended sheet with tails running on both sides of the cabin top and through line organizers to the cockpit winches that are positioned next to each of the twin wheels so the helmsman can trim the main from both of the helms while steering...
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Innovative features, a spacious interior and easy-to-sail speed

John Kretschmer  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The latest addition to Jeanneau’s venerable Sun Odyssey line is a prime example of why buying a new boat in today’s market makes good sense. The new 349 is brimming with innovative design features that enhance sailing performance while emphasizing user friendliness on deck and shamelessly exploiting creature comforts below. From twin rudders and wheels, to an efficient mainsheet bridle system, to an easily driven and highly stable hull form, to a bright and versatile interior plan, Marc Lombard and the Jeanneau design team have created a small cruiser that feels like a big boat...
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