Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200

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What performance sailors have been dreaming about

John Kretschmer  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Sailing, at its core, is an irrational enterprise. And that's why it so seductive, so addicting. Sure we describe boats in analytical terms in stern-faced reviews but let's face it, dreams and the stuff they're made of are as important to the sailboat industry as the development of new designs and technologies. With this in mind, enter the new Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200. This is an infusion-molded, vacuum-bagged dream machine. It is an Open 60 for the rest of us. I know it has an LOA of just 33 feet, 3 inches, and is surprisingly affordable, but the 3200 is so much fun to sail that it doesn't take much imagination to picture yourself surfing down monster Southern Ocean waves or racing a deep depression across the Bay of Biscay...
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