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SV Christina Hartley TS21

Jack Beltane
Reviewed Mar 2017
I have owned the boat since July 2016, technically it is a trailer sailor but as i do not own a car and the fact Christina has fixed bilge keels (200kg of lead in each). I decided to lease a spot on the local pontoon where she spends her days floating along side 30 to 50 ft yachts.

Boat is used only for coastal cruising, my rookie sailing skills and the keels prevent any hope of her racing. I sail the boat up to 4 days a week when the Bass strait allows me, along the NW coast of Tasmania (out of Wynyard).

With a large cabin, headroom is 1.3 metres but Christina has a pop top roof instead of a sliding hatch, this gives you just over 1.8 metres of head room at the cooking end of the cabin. Inside the cabin you can sleep 6 people, easily sit 12 people inside but ideally the boat works best with 4 people on board.

The cockpit can seat 6 people, but ideally 3 or 4 is more comfortable. Tiller arm is very responsive and a new rudder made by the local men's shed is holding up well in the Bass strait. Rigging, i have with the help of Steve Walker sails modified the running rig of the boat, have added slugs to the mainsail and a new deck organiser that leads to new cleats in the cockpit, this means we can now raise and lower the mainsail, also the headsail both from the safety of the cockpit. Previously we had to go to the mast while bouncing around in the Bass strait to raise the sails, a few almost man overboards made it a hair raising experience.

Using a 9.9 Mercury 2 stroke she easily gets out of the Inglis river into the Bass strait, uses at best a litre of fuel per trip as we go to sail less than a kilometre from the pontoon.

Boat is best used for day sails or a week long cruise, has a bbq onboard and small camp stove, a head and solar panel to charge the small but adequate battery that runs the LED lights which we installed 3 months ago.

Below is the brief history of the boat from the past two owners.

Christina, a Hartley TS21, was built over a period of two years, from 1981 to 1983, by Rod Brown of Maryknoll, Victoria. She was named after Rod's daughter. She has twin fixed bilge keels with 200kg of lead in each. This makes her very stable with an unobstructed cabin due to having no centrecase, but she is still easily trailable. She was regularly sailed from the Patterson River at Carrum, with yearly week-long trips down the East coast of Port Phillip Bay, then across to Queenscliff and Swan Bay. The present owners bought her on ebay in immaculate condition except for a broken mast. A new mast blank was fitted out by the owners, who then freighted her to Tasmania. .
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